How to Check Battery Life of Your Bluetooth Device? Optimal Guide for Beginners!

Posted on Aug 20, 2019 in Bluetooth Devices

How to Check Battery Life of Your Bluetooth Device? Optimal Guide for Beginners!

The modern technology has evolved in a different manner and providing convenience to the users to have optimal access to electronic devices.

However, the only problem with these handsets is that you need to be careful about their use and know their battery life for better use of these electronic gadgets.

Here we are presenting you the optimal guide on how you can check the battery life on Bluetooth headset or electronic gadget.

If you are a newbie and want to understand the working of the Bluetooth headset, then you can surely consider the information mentioned below in this article.

Steps to check the battery life of the Bluetooth headset

Having a pair of Bluetooth headset is just awesome as you can experience some relishing music quality and have perfect alone time.

However, it can be such a problematic thing if it is not charged well, then you can get into troublesome. So here, we are presenting a guide that can help you to know the battery life of the Bluetooth headset.


Swipe downwards from the screen

When willing to know the battery life of any of the connected device, you can simply know it from the settings bar. Once you have successfully scrolled downwards from the top of the screen, then you can get detailed information about the electronic gadgets.

You can get to know the detailed information about the battery indicator on the Bluetooth headset easily.

Tap on today’s tab

Well, the next step would be tapping on today’s tab that is simply placed over the downside of the screen options when swiped right.

Go for the edit icon

Now, you can get to check over the edit icon, from where you can edit the place of the battery life-showing icon.

Add on the batteries to today widget

Here, you can add the icon to the widget’s one as that allows you to have the optimal access in knowing the battery life of the Bluetooth device. Once you have successfully practiced it well, then you can edit the icon on your today’s list.

Turn on the Bluetooth device to know its battery life

Now simply, you can turn on the gadget and Bluetooth visibility on your phone and get to know about the battery life of the gadget.

Wrapping up

Well, this was a simple guide for checking the battery charge on Bluetooth headphones easily with simple steps.

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